Accountant accused of robbing Hobart company using credit card, PayPal

BROWN COUNTY, Wisconsin (WBAY) – An accountant is accused of stealing more than $ 56,000 from her employer for nine years using the company’s debit card and a PayPal account.

Christinia Janssen’s Hobart employer called authorities, saying an employee was suspected of robbing the company. According to the criminal complaint, there were bank statements from August 2019 showing unauthorized charges and ATM withdrawals using a business debit card. Most months the fraudulent charges amounted to hundreds of dollars, then in September 2020 they started to exceed $ 1,000, and in the last six months the charges have risen to almost $ 16,000. .

The complaint goes on to say that the company has found ATM withdrawals and gas station fees in Wrightstown, where Janssen lives, and even transactions in Colorado, where his daughter lives. ATM withdrawals in August and September of this year totaled nearly $ 10,000.

They also discovered that Janssen had created a PayPal account linked to the company’s operating account. The employer said none of this was done with his permission.

A police investigator has reviewed a video at a jeweler’s store showing Janssen buying a ring two weeks ago. She heard her employer’s last name given as the last name and that they are married. The employer said Janssen used the company’s debit card to pay for the ring.

The day after her employer called the police, the complaint states that Janssen sent an email saying she was “embarrassed to admit” that she used the company card “by mistake” and that she would replace the funds as soon as she returned from vacation. When she returned to work on Tuesday, she told her bosses she would not make a confession or talk about the incident. When one of them asked her why she had done it, she replied, “I’m sure this will all come out. “

Janssen, 56, was in court Wednesday charged with two counts of theft between $ 10,000 and $ 100,000 in a commercial setting and one count of unauthorized use of an entity’s credentials. They face a combined risk of 26 years in prison and a $ 60,000 fine if found guilty. She will hear the state’s case against her at her next court date in late November.

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