Apple Cash vs. Apple Account Card: Which is Best?

The Apple Account Card makes it easy to access an Apple ID account balance. It may sound similar to the Apple Cash card. But there are key differences.

The Apple The Account Card provides quick and easy access to an Apple ID account balance, but it can be confused with the Apple Cash Card, and there are key differences between the two digital cards. Both are stored in the Wallet app on company devices, allowing users to store various cards and passes in a single digital wallet. The app can hold many different items, from state ID cards to credit cards to hotel and travel keys. This versatility makes it a go-to for many Apple users, but it can get messy. The company offers a few different virtual cards in the app, but they are distinct and have their own specialties.


Apple already had two other cards available in the Wallet app before the release of the Apple Account Card: the Apple Cash Card and the Apple Card. The three company cards have very similar names but are not the same. The Apple Card is a traditional credit card launched in 2019 in partnership with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard. For this reason, it is significantly less accessible than the other two options. It requires users to be over 18, pass a credit check, and is also restricted to specific regions. However, it offers the most flexibility – users can use the Apple Card wherever Apple Pay and Mastercard are accepted.

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The Apple account card is a rebranded version of the iTunes Pass, which was a pass available in the Wallet app that allowed users to use their iTunes account balance without signing in. It was quietly released in May 2022 in an iOS update, but there hasn’t been an Apple support page for the map yet. After setting up the card in the Wallet app, users can view their Apple ID account balance and use it to make purchases. Previously, there were separate gift cards and balances for the Apple Store and the iTunes Store. However, since iTunes has been split into three different apps, the process is unified. Accordingly, users can use an Apple ID account balance for iTunes and Apple Store purchases. It’s convenient, but there’s room for confusion between different Apple Cards.

How Cards Differ in Features and Functionality

Apple Cash card in the Apple Wallet app

The Apple payment card was introduced to allow users to quickly and easily send money and pay for items within the Wallet app. She uses Apple Pay, but unlike the Apple Card, it’s not a credit card. Users can load the Apple Cash card with different amounts of money via a credit or debit card, and they can use virtual money wherever Apple Pay is accepted. Moreover, it is only available in the United States. It is required that users are 18 or older or have permission from a family member through Apple’s Family Sharing account setups. Using iMessage and Apple Pay, the Apple Cash card can hold defined sums of money for use in the Wallet app on Apple products.

The main difference between Apple Account Card and Apple Cash Card is the different limitations of the two cards. The Apple Account Card can hold a fixed balance just like the Apple Cash Card, but the former can only be used for products and services inside the Apple ecosystem. For example, if a person wants to make purchases at an Apple Store or pay for subscription services, the Apple Account Card may be the solution. However, the Apple Cash card offers great flexibility since users can use it wherever Apple Pay is accepted. Depending on card usage, the Apple Account Card and Apple Cash Card have their own unique benefits.

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