Apple promotes Apple Card sign-up process in new ad

Apple has shared a short new announcement promoting the simple sign-up process for Apple Card, the iPhone maker’s credit card that lets users track expenses and help manage bills in the Wallet app. on iOS.

Titled “Chocolate,” the film shows a man queuing at a convenience store waiting to buy a bar of chocolate. When it’s his turn to pay at the checkout, the man realizes he’s missing his wallet and begins a frantic search through his pockets to find a way to pay for his candy.

After failing to find any money, the man pulls out his iPhone and opens the Wallet app to request an Apple Card, while waiting at the cash register.

The spot shows the man receiving approval in minutes through the simple in-app sign-up process, ending with the tagline “Restart your credit card.”

In the description of the video, Apple says “Get the simplicity of Apple in a credit card. Apply in minutes and use immediately. No fees, unlimited daily cash back, and you can share who you call your family with.

Apple Card is only available in the United States. Users can make purchases with their Apple Card with Apple Pay on their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac, or with the optional titanium Apple Card credit card, which has no printed card number or security code, making it the most secure credit card in the world.

Unlike traditional credit cards, Apple Card is completely free, with lower interest rates than traditional banks.

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