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Two were arrested on Saturday for allegedly using and detaining a sophisticated financial forgery lab where they, among other things, washed checks and created fraudulent credit cards, according to a booking report from the bureau’s special enforcement team. from the Carson City Sheriff.

Payton Baker-Wright, 25, and Vincent Scambray, 41, were both arrested, both listed with Minden’s addresses. They were arrested for the following offenses: Possession of a financial counterfeiting laboratory, possession of equipment to produce fraudulent credit cards, fraud of an innkeeper, forgery of a credit card, fraud using a computer , possession of a credit card without consent and possession of documents for false status.

Both are being held on bail of $ 100,000 in cash only.

According to the reservation report, SET deputies were assisting the OCSC patrol with an overdose investigation at a South Carson Street hotel. MPs arrived and learned that Vincent Scambray may have overdosed on fentanyl and was taken to hospital. His girlfriend was left in the hotel room. Initially, she gave a name, which turned out to be wrong, and she was later identified as Payton Baker-Wright.

During the drug overdose investigation, officers noticed several prominent items such as numerous credit cards, various checks, bank statements and other financial documents on the lounge counter of the hotel room. , as well as two laptops connected to a printer that also had a bank statement on the copy screen, the report says.

A search warrant has been requested. The woman was mirrored and questioned about her boyfriend’s overdose. She said he used a substance from a straw believed to be heroin and overdosed. She called 911 and called for emergency services. She said they obtained heroin in California and both had been using heroin and methamphetamine for two years.

A deputy then began speaking to the woman about the suspected counterfeit financial items seen in the room. She was reluctant to speak, the deputy noted, but did. The woman then proceeded to explain to the officer how she and Scambray acquire hotel rooms. Neither have jobs and have found other ways to purchase hotel rooms, the report says.

She explained that she uses a pseudonym and bought fake IDs with her face on it. She said they then buy credit card information from the dark web and put that information on an Excel or Word document. Once the credit card information is there, they use a card reader / writer to place the information on a blank card.

Once the information was on a credit card, she explained that they were using a machine to emboss the credit card. For an unsuspecting employee, the fake ID and fake credit card would be easily accepted and approved, the report says.

The arrest report explains that an embossing machine is a tool commonly used by manufacturers of fraudulent credit cards. The machine uses letter dies to embed an embossed letter into a blank credit card. They are very common and can be found on almost all credit cards. The machine basically stamps the name of the fake credit card holder. Baker used his fake ID and fraudulent credit card to secure a hotel room for 7 days. The room was sold to the woman for $ 279 per night for a total of $ 1,953, the report says.

Officers continued to speak with the woman, who also brought up the check washing program, a common method used by mail thieves to remove the real name from the check and replace it with their name or another false identity.

The woman told officers that Scambray was the mastermind of the operation and that he had much more experience in the commission of these crimes and forgery. She said there was a fully functional embossing machine in her truck that they use to create fake credit cards. Baker also said there is a read / write machine in the truck, which is used to put computer account information on blank credit cards.

She was asked how much money she thought she had obtained fraudulently in the past year. She said when they lost their apartment they started creating fake financial stuff and over the past six months they have scammed people or fraudulently obtained around $ 50,000 in cash.

She also said that in order to turn credit card money into real money, they set up a plan involving their friends as well, helping them buy a hotel room with a fake credit card. The woman explained that they would charge the room to the credit card with their fake credit card and then charge their friends cash for the room. It was pure profit for both of them because they had never taken the money out on credit cards.

A search warrant was issued by a Carson City judge and the evidence was gathered. In the hotel room, MPs located equipment, X-Acto knives and putty, which corroborated with Baker explaining how they used them, as well as the use of chemical liquids to wash checks. There were also around 50 credit cards with multiple names on them, including the pair’s fake names. There was also a printer and laptop that were used to print new names on washed checks as well as $ 4,706 in mixed bills located in the hotel room that were seized.

During the search of the truck, officers located a fully functional embossing machine in a suitcase in the bed of the truck. There was also a read / write machine. The contents of the suitcase were responsible for the majority of the forged items located.

In other arrests:
– A 34-year-old Carson City man was arrested Friday on suspicion of possession of child pornography, according to an officer with the Carson City Sheriff’s Office Special Enforcement Team.

Sharan Ahmad was arrested at 5:32 p.m. According to the reservation report, deputies assigned to the SET team served an arrest warrant against the suspect, alleging 13 counts of possession of a visual presentation depicting the sexual behavior of a person under 16 year. The warrant was issued by the Carson City court.

The warrant was the result of an investigation conducted in conjunction with detectives from the Department of Homeland Security and the Carson City Sheriff’s Office. SET was informed that Sharan was in possession of several videos of images of children under the age of 16 engaging in sexual acts. SET was also told that the suspect had live-streamed child pornography videos from a foreign source. Security deposit: $ 45,000.

– A 28-year-old woman from Carson City was arrested Friday by the CCSO’s law enforcement task force on suspicion of child endangerment, abuse, neglect causing significant bodily harm.

Marissa Seyfer was arrested at 3:01 pm According to the booking report, a detective indicated that there was an active arrest warrant against Seyfer and that Seyfer was on an appointment with the Department of Human Services. childhood and family in Nevada.

The deputies visited the offices and made contact with the woman, where she was placed under arrest for the active warrant.

All crime log information (unless otherwise noted) is taken from arrest reports provided by the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and is considered by law to be public information. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty by a court. It is Carson Now’s policy to name anyone arrested for a felony.

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