Concerns at Penn High School after student given “white privilege” card


MISHAWAKA, Ind. – Just before the Thanksgiving break, a woman took to Facebook, complaining that someone gave her daughter a card saying “white privilege trumps everything” while she was at Penn High School.

Designed to look like a credit card, it was printed on the back: “This card makes the wearer happy because it’s the color of your skin and not the choices you make that determine your ability to be successful.”

The sentiment, raising concern among parents on Facebook – some believing the card’s message to be deliberately racist – others thinking it’s more satirical, poking fun at the notion of white privilege.

“It just doesn’t represent what we’re trying to accomplish at Penn High School,” said Sean Galiher, principal of Penn High Schools. “I think the card itself just doesn’t send a good message, whether or not someone thinks it’s funny or not.

The card, which also bears several allusions to former President Donald Trump, is sold on a website with products featuring far-right slogans on clothing, water bottles and other items.

Galiher emailed parents assuring them that the cards do not represent the values ​​of the school.

He said, “We strive to create a positive environment with students who respect themselves, take care of themselves and others in this place. And whether or not it was done in a fun way, it just doesn’t support our mission and vision for Penn High School. “

While so far there has been only one card given to a student, Galiher says if more cards are found they must be returned immediately.

“It’s an ongoing investigation just to see if it’s still going around there,” he said. “At the moment we don’t think this is a major issue, but we are trying to – if it happens – just work with our parents and our students to know that if they are informed or see the map for us to do so. know.

The school did not say who the card was given to, or whether they will be disciplined.


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