Credit card skimmers discovered in Petaluma

Petaluma Police are investigating after receiving reports of credit card skimmers found at multiple locations in town, including a bank.

The first incident was reported July 16 at Bank of America on Kentucky Street, when an ATM technician found two skimmers, along with cameras set to capture passwords typed on keypads, the department said. Petaluma Police Department in a press release.

On Monday, police were notified of the discovery of additional skimmer devices at 7-Eleven stores on Howard Street, Perry Lane and D Street.

No suspects were identified as the investigation continued on Monday.

Credit card skimmers, often difficult to detect because they look like ordinary card readers, are used to collect information so thieves can make unauthorized purchases, perform identity theft, or create counterfeit cards. The devices work by stealing card data embedded in the magnetic stripe of a credit or debit card.

To avoid potential fraudulent activity, police advise visually and physically inspecting a card reader before using it, as well as ensuring it is properly aligned and not loose. . Police also advise regular monitoring of credit and debit card activity.

Amelia Parreira is an editor for the Argus-Courier. She can be reached at [email protected] or 707-521-5208.

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