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The primary vehicle for day-to-day borrowing, credit cards are an essential part of the credit ecosystem. Credit card debt is often the first type of debt to be paid off when economic alarm bells start ringing. The level of credit card spending is also indicative of an economy’s performance.

Vital discussions around the innovations needed to keep up with Gen Z are on the agenda, as they prove to be less interested in credit cards than previous generations.

The broader agenda also looks at diversity and analyzes how far the industry has come over the past year. A topical and vital discussion in every industry, our expert speakers will dive deep into the issues surrounding diversity, with a focus on improving diversity in leadership.

The section will end with a CRO (Chief Risk Officer) panel entitled: “Fighting the cost of living crisis”. During this informative and eye-opening session, the panel will share their experiences on how they handled the cost of living crisis, the support available to customers and employees, and how to prepare for future challenges.

Take a look at the agenda here.

The 2023 edition of the Credit Summit will be held at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London on March 14.

To attend, speak or sponsor Credit Summit, please contact a member of our sales team at [email protected]

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