Google Pay may one day recommend which credit card to use for the best rewards – Phandroid

Different credit cards have different reward systems, and sometimes retailers offer offers and discounts if you were to use a certain credit card issued by a particular bank. It can be difficult to keep track of all these days, but Google hopes that one day it will be much easier.

During I/O 2022, Google Pay Product Manager Rajiv Apana made a comment that seemed to suggest that one day Google Pay might be smart enough to recommend which cards users should use if they want to get the best possible rewards. According to Apana:

“In the future, we will seek to provide even more useful information about card benefits, such as points, cashback and purchase predictions, so that our users can make the best choice when shopping. payment.”

This means that when you view a product and are about to pay with Google Pay, the app can suggest a card to use that could earn you the most rewards, whether it’s a reward that take advantage of a promotion that will lower the price of the product, or the one that will earn you the most miles, and so on.

It’s actually a pretty cool idea if it were ever to be implemented and it could make users adopt Google Pay as their primary mobile payment provider over others. That being said, Apana’s comments seem to suggest that this may not necessarily be a feature that will be available anytime soon, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

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