How I make money with credit cards

Credit cards are not the first things that come to mind when considering ways to make money.

But one YouTuber shares how he uses credit cards to boost his credit score and more.


Callum McIntyre Presents Three Ways To Build Wealth Using Credit CardsCredit: YouTube

YouTuber Callum McIntyre details three ways he uses credit cards to earn and save money and build wealth in a new video.

Credit cards can be controversial, as Callum mentions.

But if you know how to use them to your advantage, they can be a handy tool for building wealth.

Credit score

Credit cards can be used to build a credit score, which in turn can help you buy a house or rent a car.

Your credit score is basically a determination of how well you manage your debt.

If you make payments on time and maintain a credit usage rate of around 30%, you are likely to maintain a decent credit rating.

It can help you get lower interest rates when it comes time to buy that home or car, which can save you money and make your investments more profitable in the long run.

Rewards and cash back

When determining which credit card to apply for, it’s worth considering the rewards and benefits each card offers.

As Callum notes, many cards offer cash back rewards, and by putting your typical expenses on a credit card instead of a debit card, you can cash in on them.

However, he notes that you shouldn’t be spending more on these cards thinking you are profiting from them.

It’s important not to spend beyond your means and make monthly payments on time, so you don’t damage your credit score.

Business cash flow

Callum says having a business credit card can also improve cash flow.

Using a card with a cash back system could allow you to reinvest the money in your business, thereby increasing your profits.

It also provides additional income and cash flow, in addition to building your business credit.

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