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new York [US], Jan. 15 (NNA): India on Thursday reaffirmed its “unwavering commitment” to a Yemeni-led and controlled political process aimed at achieving an inclusive and peacefully negotiated settlement of the conflict in Yemen and urged all Yemeni parties to work towards its realization.
Addressing a meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on the Middle East (Yemen), TS Tirumurti, Ambassador of India to the United Nations, condemned the recent attack on the international airport of Aden and said similar missile attacks in Yemen and across the border with Saudi Arabia continued unabated in 2020.
New Delhi hailed the recent “positive steps” in the pursuit of peace in Yemen – the formation of the new cabinet and security redeployments in southern Yemen – as envisioned in the Riyadh accord and appreciates the role played by Saudi Arabia and others to facilitate these developments.
“India welcomes these positive steps, which have sparked a wave of hope. We appreciate the role Saudi Arabia and others have played in facilitating these developments. We also welcome the determination of the new government to continue its efforts to achieve peace and stability in Yemen, despite the recent attacks, “Tirumurti said.
“If we are serious about finding a long-term solution to Yemen’s challenges, then the Council should urgently push for a lasting and comprehensive political settlement of the conflict. I reaffirm India’s unwavering commitment to a political process led and controlled by the objective of achieving an inclusive and peacefully negotiated settlement of the conflict. We urge all Yemeni parties to work towards such a settlement, ”Tirumurti added.
The conflict in Yemen began in September 2014 when Houthi forces took control of the capital Sana’a.
The Saudi-UAE-led coalition intervened in Yemen in March 2015 after the Houthis overthrew from power the internationally recognized government in Sana’a, which the coalition seeks to restore.
The five-year civil war has left tens of thousands dead, mostly civilians, aid organizations say, and pushed millions to the brink of starvation in what the UN calls the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. world.
The Riyadh Accord was reached in 2019 to ease tensions in southern Yemen between troops loyal to the internationally recognized government and the Southern Transitional Council. The two sides are part of a coalition fighting the Iran-backed Houthis.
Tirumurti pointed out that there are nearly 300,000 Indians of Yemeni origin living in India and 200,000 of the diaspora of Indian origin in Yemen.
Large numbers of Indians worked in Yemen until 2015 when they were evacuated.
“This close connection with Yemen makes the instability, violence and suffering in Yemen painful for India and all Indians,” Tirumurti said.
Tirumurti said the plight of millions of Yemenis facing, among other things, severe food insecurity as well as malnourished children are immediate needs “which should move the conscience of the world community.”
He said India would continue to provide medical and other assistance to those affected by the conflict. It is time that we put the Yemeni people at the center of our efforts amidst all other developments.
Conveying his sincere condolences to the Yemeni people, government and families of those killed in the attack at Aden International Airport, the Indian envoy said New Delhi condemns the attack and considers it a deliberate attempt to undermine ongoing peace efforts in Yemen. .
“The targeting of the civilian airport and the killing of innocent civilians is unacceptable and cannot be justified for any reason. The perpetrators of this heinous act should be held accountable and I urge the international community to support the government of Yemen in its efforts to We must ensure that terrorists do not take advantage of such a situation, ”he said. he declares.
“Similar missile attacks in Yemen and across the border with Saudi Arabia continued unabated in 2020. The strict enforcement of the arms embargo envisioned in resolution 2216 and its effective monitoring are necessary to create the conditions for a complete elimination of these threats in the future, “he added.
India is also saddened by the tragic deaths of staff members of the International Committee of the Red Cross in the airport attack, Tirumurti said.
2020 has also seen an increase in threats emanating from Yemen to commercial vessels sailing in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, the envoy noted, adding that India is deeply concerned about this trend which threatens not only the passage. in complete safety from commercial vessels as well as maritime ones. security in the region.
“This matter deserves the immediate attention of the Council and calls for further deliberation.
We also remain concerned about the upsurge in incidents of violence in Hudaydah and Taiz, which have resulted in the deaths of civilians, in particular women and children. These attacks constitute a flagrant violation of the ceasefire provisions of the Stockholm Agreement and I urge all parties to honor their commitments under the Agreement, ”he said.
“The preservation and full implementation of the Stockholm Accord is even more critical today as there is a forecast of widespread famine in Yemen in 2021. It is extremely important that the Port of Hudaydah and the other ports of the Red Sea remain operational to facilitate humanitarian shipments to Yemen, “he added.
Tirumurti welcomes the signing of the Al-Ula Declaration at the recent Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Summit in Saudi Arabia.
Al-Ula’s declaration ends a crisis that began in 2017 when Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt severed diplomatic and economic ties with Qatar
“Before concluding, let me also welcome the reconciliation and rapprochement between the GCC countries and the signing of the Al-Ula Declaration at the recent GCC summit in Saudi Arabia,” he said.
“India recognizes the key role of a unified GCC in promoting peace, stability and prosperity in Yemen. We also look forward to strengthening India’s institutional dialogue and partnership with the GCC in the coming months, ”he added. (ANI)

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