More than 2L registered in the last 3 months

KOLKATA: The West Bengal government’s decision to introduce the student credit card scheme has received a massive response with over 2 lakh students enrolling in the last three months.

Sources in the state government said that after the launch of the program, it was found that many students showed strong interest in the program both online and offline.

A senior state government official said: “As more and more students have shown interest in the program, it has been decided that the loan repayment period will be increased in future years, so that more and more students can apply for the program.”

According to the student credit card scheme, an educational loan of up to Rs 10 lakh will be made available for higher education in India and abroad. The state government will be the guarantor. All course fees, tuition fees, hostel costs, expenses for books and laptops will be covered here. The repayment period will be 15 years and people up to the age of 40 can avail the benefits of the scheme.

The officials added that as more and more students apply for the program, it was also decided that more awareness campaigns would be held in various districts so that students can apply for the program online. District magistrates were asked to organize special tours in each district on the program so that more students could apply for the program.

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