Morgan Hill Police warn of credit card skimmers found at ATMs – NBC Bay Area

Morgan Hill Police this week posted a warning on social media about credit card skimmers they found at ATMs at two different locations across town in recent weeks.

On October 13, officers responded to a report of a credit card skimmer at the Bank of America branch at 200 Cochrane Plaza, police said. Upon arrival, officers were directed to a skimmer at one of the bank’s ATMs and seized the device.

On November 2, officers responded to the World Gas station at 16720 Monterey Road, where they found a skimmer attached to an ATM inside the station’s mini-market, police said.

Police are warning residents and visitors to be on the lookout for skimmers at ATMs and gas pumps whenever they use a credit or debit card at these locations.

Here are some indications that a skimmer has been placed on a machine:

  • Wires coming out of the card reader.
  • The card reader is loose or appears damaged.
  • Tape or tape residue on the card reader slot.
  • The card reader looks different or a different color from the rest of the machine.

If a skimming device is found, people should notify bank or store management and call the police.

Anyone who has used their credit or debit card at the aforementioned Bank of America or World Gas gas station and suspects fraudulent activity on their account should call Sgt. Scott Purvis at 669-253-4912 or by email at [email protected]

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