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Osman Bikal Kamara: Sierra Leone Telegraph: September 10, 2020:

At the National Reform Movement (NRM), we wish to inform the public that we have met with the leadership of the APC over the past month to try to resolve constitutional issues that are the focus of our reform efforts.

On July 1, 2020, the NRM leadership met with our party, the All People’s Congress, at the party headquarters, where both sides pledged to seek a negotiated settlement. At this meeting, convened by the Facilitator, Dr. Ibrahim Bangura, the two parties also committed to abide by a rule prohibiting the public disclosure of information disclosed during the negotiation.

In early July 2020, a few days after our July 1 meeting, we submitted three copies of our negotiation document to the facilitator for submission to the party president, deputy leader and general secretary. These documents have indeed been submitted for a response from the leadership of our party.

Since the presentation of our negotiating demands, the process seems to have come to an absolute dead end. The leaders resorted to tactics that were not conducive to solving the problems that forced the NRM to inevitably go to court. It was as a result of this impasse, the party leadership’s violation of the rule prohibiting the public disclosure of information, among other things, that we decided to bring the matter to the public.

On the very day we submitted our negotiating document, our party leadership broke the rule against public disclosure of information, and our negotiating document was leaked to Adebayor, a gutter commentator and disinformation propagandist. establishment, who discussed some of its content at length and proclaimed, in a ridiculous manner and louder than ever, that the party leadership would not negotiate with the NRM.

That same day, the NRM suffered an avalanche of invective and imbecility from the commentator of the gutter.

It is becoming increasingly clear to us that the party leadership does not have the political will to settle this issue on the table. Clearly, the party leadership arrived at the negotiating table with a dual agenda: while appearing to be interested in a negotiated settlement, prominent party officials who claimed to act under the direction of the party leadership were secretly engaging the plaintiffs and other actors to get them to be ready to withdraw the case from the tribunal before the dispute resolution within the CPA, just as they did with the only plaintiff.

The point is, the loyal complainants in our fold are more than determined to see a logical conclusion to our case.

The NRM leadership therefore wishes to inform the manipulators, for whom negotiation means manipulation, that their unconventional negotiating tactics will be of no use to them. The NRM is a disciplined and structured movement and, therefore, the decision to withdraw the case from the tribunal does not rest exclusively with a complainant. To say that it is impossible to reach another deal without a response to the negotiating document we submitted in early July 2020 is an understatement of our resolve.

The lifting of obstacle after another, the obstruction to our negotiating document, the persistent harassment of complainants and other NRM actors and the obvious desire to manipulate them, the dual agenda and the continued attempt of our party leadership to renew their tenure under the guise of an agreement, in violation of the court order and in total disregard of negotiations, making the call to negotiation sound like Orwellian double talk and the search for a negotiated settlement of all the more complex.

In conclusion, while we are still determined to reach a negotiated settlement, we wish to assure all fellow reformers, at home and abroad, that our commitment to create conditions for equal participation and platforms for level for all comrades of the CPA is unwavering. .

As party leaders hatch plan after plan to manipulate the process, let us remind them of the court order and our collective determination to deliver the final blow to the dictatorial construction of our party’s internal politics. We have gone to court to correct the injustice and inequalities in our party, and these must be corrected BEFORE REMOVING THE MATTER FROM THE COURT.

I must also, on behalf of the movement, express our gratitude to the Facilitator, Dr Ibrahim Bangura, for being very patient and professional in carrying out his task.

The NRM remains attached to the democratization of the internal politics of our party.

Signed: Osman Bikal Kamara, Secretary General, NRM. Phone. +23278712179

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