Police say an Ingleside man stole a credit card and tools from a parked car in Volo

An Ingleside man has been charged with illegal use of a credit card after he, police say, stole a wallet from a parked car in Volo and attempted to make a purchase at a petrol station.

Thomas Brunner, 39, of the 26,000 block of West Lakeview Avenue, remains in jail on $20,000 bond. He would have to deposit $2,000 in cash to get out of jail while his trial is ongoing.

Lake County Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli said around 12:25 p.m. on Jan. 12, police received a 911 call from a Volo man who said his wallet and some tools had been removed from his vehicle parked in his driveway.

As the sheriff’s deputy took the report, the man realized that his credit card, which was in the stolen wallet, had just been used at a gas station in Volo, Covelli said.

The deputy went to the gas station but learned that he had just missed the man who had used the credit card. The officer obtained a description of the suspect and briefed other deputies in the area, Covelli said.

An officer spotted a man who matched the description and attempted to speak to him. But the man, later identified as Brunner, fled, police said. After a brief chase, Brunner was arrested and officers found him in possession of the items purchased with the Volo man’s credit card, as well as tools taken from the parked car, authorities said.

Brunner is also charged with resisting arrest/obstructing a peace officer and theft, both misdemeanors. He is then due to appear in court on Wednesday.

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