Premium Clean Services: the first company to offer Kiwis a credit card payment option to clean their homes

Premium Cleaning Services: We are delighted to be the first company in New Zealand to offer Kiwis the option of paying by credit card to clean their home.

Premium Clean Services is the first cleaning service company to accept credit cards for fast and convenient cleaning services. The company is also one of the first to launch an on-demand cleaning app that brings a cleaner on-site with just a few clicks on the smartphone in 2018.

Auckland, New Zealand, April 30, 2022. Based in Auckland Premium cleaning services informs New Zealand residents and businesses about their on-demand cleaning app and credit card payment system. The app brings a cleaner where you need it with just a few clicks on the smartphone. It is free to download from Google and Apple App Store.

The credit card payment option, on the other hand, allows their customer to easily pay for the services without any transaction fees.

The founders of this innovative company discovered a way to leverage technology to get professional, insured cleaners to their customers as quickly as possible. Services such as in-home cleaning, departure/end-of-lease cleaning, deep cleaning, spring cleaning, Airbnb cleaning, commercial cleaning and carpet cleaning are now easy to book online or through their mobile devices in less than 60 seconds.

Book your cleaning online

“The app has been designed for landlords, tenants and estate agents who want to book our cleaning services hassle-free. We have invested in this app to provide a faster and easier way to perform day-to-day cleaning and at the time the customer wants with affordable prices,” says Priyanka Dhiman, Managing Director of Premium Clean Services.

“Estate agents who need to move in immediately to prepare for new home listings or provide a professionally cleaned home to their buyers will now have an easy way to do so. Busy landlords and tenants can also benefit from this application. They can use it when there is a need to deep clean and disinfect their home,” she adds.

The idea of ​​creating an app for cleaning services is revolutionary and the first of its kind in New Zealand. This is due to feedback Premium Clean Services has received from home and business owners in Auckland who struggled to find quality cleaners when they needed them. In addition to this, the new emphasis on cleanliness and sanitation in a COVID-19 environment has increased the demand for cleaners to provide contactless service.

The company is aware of the problems that arise whenever its customers are looking for a housekeeper. Bidding, constant back and forth, managing cleaners, and even finding cleaners who can meet expectations. After many years in the industry, the founders of Premium Clean leveraged technology and used their network to solve these problems and find cleaners that would do the job.

They want the cleaning experience to be magical for their customers. In a few clicks, the house will be cleaned! With the app, people can get the services they need quickly and easily.

Pay securely with your credit card without any transaction fees

Another first from Premium Clean Services is its credit card payment option. Now customers can make contactless payments via their credit card. Premium Clean Services has partnered with a secure payment gateway to process payment for their services.

This is a brilliant idea for clients who cannot afford to pay housekeepers cash for their services. Accepting credit cards is a convenient way for customers to pay. At Premium Clean, customers can pay securely when the cleaning is done as the credit card is only charged once the cleaning is complete.

“Adding credit cards to our payment options improves our customer service. Most customers appreciate being able to do things at their own pace and on their own terms. Credit cards have added speed, flexibility and accessibility to our services”, according to Premium Clean.

The Premium Clean app is currently available for download on Google Play and App Store. Download it today to easily book and track your service.

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