Warring Mehsud and Wazir tribes agree to negotiated settlement of South Waziristan land dispute

By Hamid Khan Wazir

WANA, Pakistan: In what appears to be a great development, normalcy returned to conflict-ridden South Waziristan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa district after an agreement was reached between the two warring tribes of Mehsud and Wazir on Saturday .

The situation has remained fairly tense in recent days when fighting broke out between two sub-tribes of the Mehsud and the Wazir.

Both sides were heavily armed and aimed at the other position at all times.

Nevertheless; the tireless and selfless efforts of the local administration and the elders of the Wazir and Mehsud tribes finally yielded results and the two tribes agreed to find a negotiated settlement of the almost century-old land dispute.

Deputy Commissioner Hameedullah Khattak, Deputy Commissioner Wana, Deputy Commissioner Serwakai and the elders signed the agreement and authorized the jirga to resolve the dispute through talks.

Hamidullah Khattak said the local administration will give full support to the jirga to resolve the issue.

He praised the role of the local administration and the jirga and said that they had convinced the two tribes first for a ceasefire and then for the resolution of the dispute by the jirga, this which is a great development.

It is relevant to mention here that the Nano Khel tribe of Mehsud and the Sparekai tribe of Wazir had a conflict over an area between Shakai, Khesura and Tururram Pull. A few dozen people had already been killed on both sides in the quarrel.

The then political agent staged a truce and the disputed area was declared no man’s land or Pathar-e-Bala (upper stone).

According to the peace agreement, no one will build anything in the Pathar-e-Bala area except the government, which can build schools, hospitals or any other facility it deems appropriate.

According to the agreed formula, a jirga of eight members, four on each side, was authorized to seek a negotiated and peaceful settlement of the dispute.

The two sides will finalize their names of the jirga until Sunday and thereafter negotiations would begin, which would be fully supported by the local administration.

Local people on both sides have placed great hope in the current local administration and elders to finally find a lasting and permanent solution to the feud which has often caused a source of tension in the region.

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