Why I love the Citi Double Cash Card

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Earning rewards with a credit card can be a great deal if you pay off your credit card bill in full each month. By using a cash back credit card for purchases and paying down your balance so you never pay a penny in interest, you get the closest thing to “free money” most people can. find nowadays.

Still, some rewards cards are better than others due to their rewards rates, introductory offers, perks, and fees. The Citi® Double Cash Card is one of the best flat rate options out there, and mostly because it offers such a generous rewards rate. This card also ticks other boxes for consumers, including those who want to use a credit card to consolidate their debt.

If you’re looking for a cash back credit card that you can easily love, the Citi Double Cash should be on your list. Read on to find out why one user fell in love with this card, how she makes the most of its benefits, and how you can do the same.

Citi Double Cash Card Details

As a reminder, here are the main features of the Citi Double Cash Card:

  • Earn up to 2% cash back for every dollar spent: 1% when you make a purchase and an additional 1% when you refund it.
  • You’ll pay 0% intro APR on balance transfers for 18 months, followed by a variable APR of 13.99% to 23.99%.
  • No annual fee is provided with this card.
  • It comes with Citi Entertainment benefits.

5 reasons to love Citi Double Cash

Financial educator Shanté Nicole of Financial common cents says she ended up with the Citi Double Cash a few years ago. She originally owned the Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card, which she used to consolidate and pay off debt through the card’s zero-interest offering. However, Citi upgraded it to the Citi Double Cash Card at some point along the way.

Once she got her new card, she was hooked on the rewards and benefits. Here’s why…

Earn double rewards with no cap

First, Shanté Nicole says she loved the double cash back you earn with this card (unlimited 1% on purchases, plus an additional 1% when you pay for your purchases), and that the same great rate s applies to all purchases. .

“The fact that you get cash rewards for shopping and cash to make payments is amazing,” she says. “I also like that there’s no limit to what you can earn.”

Speaking of which, how many rewards can you earn with the Citi Double Cash Card? It depends on how much you spend, but the up to 2% cash back rate translates to $2 in rewards for every $100 in purchases you charge. If you use plastic for your daily expenses and bills, the rewards earned with this card can add up quickly.

No annual fee

Also note that the Citi Double Cash Card does not charge an annual fee. The fact that there is no annual fee makes this card a smart option for long-term use since you never have to worry about annual fees.

Access to Citi Entertainment

Shanté Nicole also points out that this card comes with a handful of Citi Double Cash benefits, including access to Citi Entertainment. According to Citi, you can use this benefit to purchase tickets to thousands of events, including “exclusive experiences for the most anticipated concerts of the year, sporting events, dining experiences and more.”

Even better, this benefit is free for customers.

Flexible reward options

When it comes to using her rewards, Shanté Nicole says she trades in her cash back for statement credits to cover regular monthly bills.

However, cardholders also have the option of redeeming rewards for direct deposit or check in the mail.

Separately, cardholders have the option of converting rewards earned with the Citi Double Cash card into basic Citi ThankYou points, which come with a host of additional options. For example, you can redeem those points for gift cards, travel via Citi, or pay off a student loan or mortgage.

Generous introductory offer for balance transfers

Finally, it should be noted that the Citi Double Cash Card has its own introductory offer for balance transfers. Specifically, this card comes with an introductory APR of 0% on balance transfers for 18 months, after which you’ll pay a variable APR of 13.99% to 23.99%.

While a 3% balance transfer fee (minimum $5) applies for the first four months of account opening (with a 5% balance transfer fee thereafter), debt consolidation High interest with this card can help you save big on interest over the course of a year and a half.

The bottom line

The Citi Double Cash Card doesn’t have many downsides (other than the fact that it charges a 3% foreign transaction fee on every purchase made outside of the US). Also note that when it comes to debt consolidation, there are other balance transfer credit cards that offer longer interest-free periods.

Ultimately, the Citi Double Cash Card is worth it for people who want to earn generous lump sum rewards with flexible redemption options. The fact that there is no annual fee and a plethora of ways to use the rewards makes it even more appealing.

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