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Megane Cagot

A 38-year-old Micco woman has been jailed on 21 counts of credit card fraud and held on $101,000 bond.

When a doctor at Sebastian River Medical Center noticed her business card was missing from her purse, she discovered several charges on her bill in March 2022. She immediately suspected Megan Cagot due to an incident on the 26th April 2022, when she was caught stealing a $100 bill. invoice from the victim’s wallet. Cagot also works at the hospital with the doctor.

The credit card bill showed several fraudulent purchases Sebastian and Micco made at various stores, including Walmart, Publix, Dollar Tree, Winn Dixie, Micco Beverage Store and Doughboyz Pizza, to have food delivered to his home.

Detectives contacted Cagot and she agreed to meet them at her home in Micco, Florida.

“Megan said she stole the (victim’s) card but didn’t know when it was. She said she started using the card fraudulently about three to four weeks after she stole it. She said she used the stolen card at Publix, Winn Dixie and the Micco Beverage Store to purchase groceries,” the detective said.

When the detective showed Cagot a list of fraudulent credit card charges, she said, “I’m sure since I had his card, I’ve used his card for those purchases.”

Photographs and CCTV show Cagot using the stolen credit card to make fraudulent purchases.

Megan Ann Cagot is accused of:

  • Illegal possession of stolen credit or debit card (1 account)
  • Organized fraud under $20,000 (1 account)
  • Crime – Fraudulent use of a credit card (9 counts)
  • Criminal use of personally identifiable information (9 counts)
  • Petty theft 1st degree (1 account)

Cagot was arrested and transported to Indian River County Jail. There could also be Brevard County criminal charges since she used the stolen card at Micco’s stores.

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