Woman charged with using stolen credit card at motel and stores

Megan Nicole Blackmon

A Fruitland Park woman was arrested Monday after using a stolen credit card to check into a motel and purchase items from two stores.

Megan Nicole Blackmon, 33, of 36851 Wilmington Road, was charged with three counts of identity theft and a single count of fraudulent use of a credit card ($100 or more) and scheme fraud (less than $20,000).

A Leesburg police officer responded to the Quality Inn and Suites, 1392 W. North Blvd, after receiving a fraud report. The victim told the officer that she was notified via text message by her credit card company that her lost credit card had recently been used by someone else. She said she reported the card as lost to the company about two months prior, according to the police report.

The victim said she disputed the charges and reported that the card was stolen. She also retrieved a list of the most recent transaction and found that the last one was processed at the Quality Inn. The victim spoke to a hotel employee who told him that the two people who had rented the room using his card number were still at the hotel, according to the report.

The victim said other trades that day were $4.27 at Wawa and $30.25 at CVS. After speaking with the victim, the officer spoke to the hotel employee, who confirmed the victim’s statement and clarified that the woman who used the card was still in the room. The employee gave the officer permission to enter the room if needed with a master key, according to the report.

The officer knocked on the bedroom door and Blackmon opened it and walked out. Once the officer confirmed that Blackmon was the same woman who used the card in the video, he detained her in the hallway. During an initial search in Blackmon, the officer found a receipt from Wawa for the fraudulent $4.27 transaction. Blackmon told the officer she found the credit card in a purse she had purchased, according to the report.

Camera footage from the hotel and the two stores confirmed that Blackmon made the transactions at all three locations. After reading her Miranda warning, Blackmon said she used a card ending in 2171, but claimed it was her card. She said she gave it to her ex-boyfriend before the officer arrived, according to the report.

Blackmon also admitted to using someone else’s ID to book the hotel room. The officer was unable to contact the owner of the ID, according to the report.

Blackmon was arrested at the Leesburg Police Department and taken to Lake County Jail, where she is being held on $10,000 bond. She is due in Lake County Court on September 27.

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